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    Welcome to Maanshan Hellen CNC Machine Tool Co.,LTD website !
    Maanshan Hellen CNC Machine Tool Co.,LTD?
    Sincere Service
    Mainly produce: Hydraulic Press Machine, Sheet Metal Bending Machine, Ironworker, Duct Machines, Hydraulic Shearing Machine and other accessory parts include  blade, dies and Concrete mixer accessories. 
    Industrial robots are mainly composed of four parts.
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    1.Industrial robots are mainly composed of four parts. It is composed of mechanical, electronic, control, computer, sensor, artificial intelligence and other multidisciplinary technology in one of the automation equipment, by the precision reducer, servo motor, control system and the body composed of several major parts.
    2.World-renowned "all the way" international cooperation, including the output of product equipment, including overseas investment in the construction of the construction machinery manufacturing base
    3.Energy-rich Central Asian countries Kazakhstan is planning to export electricity to China, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
    4.Domestic mold exports continue to increase the level of international competitiveness has improved.
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